What is tramadol?


If you suffer any type of chronic pain, you may end up taking an analgesic known as Tramadol. It belongs to the class of medications called opiate agonists, and it is also sold under the brand name Ultram. Many doctors prescribe Tramadol to their patients who are suffering from any type of moderate to severe chronic pain. It’s important to note that the drug should never be taken for extended periods, as it is designed to provide only short-term pain relief.

Benefits of Tramadol

  • Treats chronic pain, including cancer or joint pain
  • Can also be used to manage obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • May minimize opioid withdrawal symptoms
  • Works very quickly, within approximately 30 minutes
  • Reduces moderate to severe chronic pain

How It Works

There are two options regarding a prescription of Tramadol: either immediate release or extended release. Your doctor will advise you which one is right for you. Most patients take a 50 mg dose of the immediate release tablets. However, the time release tablets are also available in 100, 200 and 300 mg does. This may be a more suitable option if you require longer pain management.

Taking Tramadol

Never inject, split, chew or crush your Tramadol tablets, as you may suffer a fatal complication. Depending on your level of pain, you can usually take the medication every four to 6 hours. You also have the option of taking the drug with or without food. Just make sure you always follow your doctor’s instructions when taking Tramadol. Most likely, you will be prescribed a low dose initially, which can later be increased gradually.

Possible Side Effects

Taking Tramadol can cause minor side effects such as weakness, insomnia, appetite loss, flushing, blurred vision or constipation. However, they normally stop when you stop taking the drug. However, you can become addicted to Tramadol and you may suffer a weak pulse, blistering skin, shallow breathing or convulsions. If you suffer any of these serious side effects, stop taking Tramadol and consult a doctor immediately.

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